Make your CCTV Intelligent with CIVA and Eyenet

Codenscious Intelligent VIdeo Analytics

Enhance the Capability of your Existing CCTV Camera Infrastrcture with the power of AI

CIVA (Codenscious Intelligent Video Analitics) is a powerful Video Analytics Technology which can be easily integratable with existing hardware infrastructure and cn extract valuable insights from video feeds in real time. It can act as the digital third eye of your of your Organisation. It learns about you with interaction, advice you about various things and act on your behalf behalf keeping in mind your overoall financial condition in the entire process.

  • Low Cost and Highly Scalable
  • ZERO Additional Cost on Hardware
  • Powerful, Accurate and Real TIme Computer Vision
  • Integratable with SAP and other ERPs


CIVA can act as the Digital Third Eye of your Business

100% Automation of Attendance and Payroll Management inhancing descipline and Punctuality

Real Time Intrusion Detection bringing reaction time to Mili Seconds

Enables Business Growth by harnessing Untamed Pre Sales Customer Level Data for Retail Analytics.

Access Control in Warehouses and Tranport Vehicles enabeling Accountability and reducing material loss

Iceberg - On Site CIVA Server

Iceberg - Onsite CIVA Server

16 Cameras

can be connected with One Iceberg Mini

40 Feet

Human Detection on normal resolution cameras even in dark

1000 Faces

Faces can be recognised even wearing a Face Mask


Price of Iceberg Mini, that too as refundable security deposit

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Codenscious Intelligent VIdeo Analytics

CIVA Edgepose - Helping Physiotherapists better diagnose musculoskeletal disorders with Computer Vision

15% of the disabilities worldwide is caused by musculoskeletal disorders and physical injuries. A continuous monitoring and postoperative physicotherapic care is required making rehabilitation an expensive and time consuming process and specially difficult in post Covid World. DCIVA ​EDGEPOSE​ enabled computation of human pose estimation in real time on the user’s mobile phone itself enabeling a virtual and scientfic physicotherapic care at pateint's home.

  • Saving​ $1.7 Million Dollars ​of GPU computation cost per hundred thousand users with a per capita annual usage of one thousand minutes
  • Process time of around ​Five Minutes ​per session reduced toa ​Few Seconds ​as no need of video uploading on server is required
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CIVA Face Recognition - Developing High Performance IoT Door Locks with Canadian Home Automation Company

Accurate Face Recognition even in Dark even if person is wearing a face mask

Can Recognise upto 1000 people accurately

CIVA Face Recognition can extract identity, age, gender, emotion and other attributes of a person

Access Control in Warehouses and Tranport Vehicles enabeling Accountability and reducing material loss

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CIVA Optical Quality Inspector

Automatic Detection of Crack, Dents, contaminations and other surface defects for autmating various industrial optical quality inspection. Can detect 8 types of visual defects.

  • A CCTV camera sends video feeds to CIVA which communicates with a robotic arm over the conveyor belt
  • Compile and run on the edge devices and gadgets
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CIVA Person and Vehicle Tracker

A Light Weight, Real TIme, Serverless and accurate Person and Vehicle Tracker for scalable VIdeo Analytics.

30 FPS on Commodity Dual Core CPUs and 200 FPS on Edge Devices

State of the Art Mean Average Precision, detection from 40 Feet even in complete darkenss.

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