About US

From a summer project to the leading AI company of Central India.
Codenscious was founded in a hostel room of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee as summer project on AI in 2014.

Codenscious is derived from the code and conscious, stating our vision to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. in the logo represents code, the ECG line represents consciousness and behind that is a neural network describing our domain expertise in Deep Learning.  At that time the "AI Revival" had just happened a three years ago, and the technology and knowledge was very rare and new in Indian Markets, building Engineering Excellence could only be achieved by building Excellent Engineers first. So the company first focused on building a strong research and engineering team in Classical Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning and started a training devision Coden Technology Learning (CTL Indore), aiming to train engineers in cutting edge fields of Artificial Intelligence to initiate research and development of CIVA (Coden Intelligent Video Analytics). Finally Codenscious was incorporated as a company limited by shares under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India on June 23rd, 2017.

Our mission is to develop technologies inspired by human intelligence and understand Neuroscience itself.