Building Smart Software Applications with the power of AI

We develop end to end AI Powered Smart Software Applications keeping scalble data pipelines on the cloud for your usecase.

Computer Vision

From Classical Image Processing to Generative Modeling

Running Real Time video Analytics at commodity CPUs

Scalable and Cost Effective GPU Less Computer Vision Technology.

Enabeling Computers to process and percive visual information just like humans do through state of the art Deep Learning Algorithms.

Enter into an era of AI where crutial decisions are automatically made in absence of human eyes. We have developed futuristic perception solutions across a vast range of industries.

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AI Powered Mobile Apps

Mobile application development to drive AI era into every hand possible.

Server Less Machine Learning

Optimizing neural nets to run directly in mobile apps. Imagine the cost of computation on GPUs when your applications scales to a million users.

Complex Backends Systmes in Django

Systematic Requirment Analysis, Standard Software Arcitecture Design Practices, Right Algorithms and Data Structures for System Scalability and an Agile mindset towards Software Engineering is our Mantra of Software Development.

Elegant User Interface

We believe is simplicity and point to point information while communicating with the customers.

Technology Stack

For Deep Learning, Web and Mobile Apps and sclable pipeline on cloud.


Research & Development

A Deeper Look into Gradient Based Learning for Neural Networks

An in-depth look into different variants of classical gradient descent algorithm and how they are trying to solve the limitations of their ancestors.

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